Paddleboarding (SUP) Trips and Rentals

History and paddleboarding in Ithaca:

Stand Up Paddle Boarding (SUP) or just Paddleboarding is a top water sport where a paddle is used while standing up on a surfboard.

In 2007 the concept of paddle boarding on flat-water began to take serious shape and a year later the first touring boards started to hit the market. This style of board differed from traditional surfing style SUP’s in that it includes a displacement hull. The displacement hull allows the board to glide and track similar to a canoe or kayak. Many other features soon came out on touring boards including deck rigging to carry gear. The fast design with more glide is an attractive option for those who plan to keep their adventures inland. Tour Paddle Boarding has become a way for individuals to seek adventure, serenity, personal achievement and a deeper connection with nature.

In Ithaca we are using paddleboards to visit shallow bays with turquoise crystal clear waters. We try to avoid bigger waves and spots exposed to the winds. We can visit many spots and see the seafloor from a unique point of view.

Guided Tours

We also offer guided paddleboarding tours with an experienced SUP leader. We advise you to start the trips early in the morning as the conditions are always ideal:

  1. Afales bay – 50€ / person (3 hours – 2.5 nautical miles)
  2. Shinos beach to Gidaki – 50€ / person (3 hours – 3 nm)
  3. Sarakiniko beach – Cape Skotaria – 50€ / person (2.5 hours – 2.2nm)
  4. Marmakas bay – 50€ / person (2.5 hours – 2.2nm)

The equipment SUP board, paddle, leash is provided from us.


You can rent our paddleboards from our Shop in Vathy or we can deliver them anywhere around Ithaca. The rental rates are:

1 hour: 20€

2 hours: 30€

Full day: 50€

1 week: 300€

SUP board, paddle, leash is included in the price.

What you need while paddleboarding:

  • snacks
  • swimwear
  • hat
  • sunscreen
  • water bottle
  • sunglasses
  • sandals or water shoes.


To take part to any of our guided tours you have to be able to swim. People with no previous experience are welcome and they can learn how to Stand Up Paddle or improve their Stand Up Paddle technique in the beginning or during the trip.



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