Day Trips

Sea Kayaking day trips in Ithaca:

We run day-trips throughout the year at the most beautiful places around Ithaca island. Depending on the conditions and the experience of the paddlers we try to offer the best option.

Trips are scheduled according to:

  • Weather conditions
  • Client locations
  • Client/Group Experience
  • Group size/numbers – our aim is to keep groups small and personal.

Trips may take a little longer than proposed only for fun reasons. We may cancel trips or change the location due to weather conditions. Safety is always our priority.

In every trip the price includes:
  • The sea kayaking equipment single or double sit in kayaks, paddles, spray decks, personal flotation devices
  • Extra equipment like dry bags, water pumps, sponges etc
  • Snorkeling equipment (masks & snorkels)
  • Water: One liter per paddler
  • Experienced kayak guide with full safety equipment and first aid kit – British Canoe Union (BCU) certified and First Aid Trained
  • Kayak tour and safety briefing
  • Sea kayaking instructions and training if wanted
  • Transfer back to the starting point

Don’t forget to bring:
  • Snacks (there are many bakeries and super markets around the main square of Vathy)
  • Hat
  • Extra water
  • Sunscreen
  • Swimwear
  • Beach Towel
  • Any specific medication you are on
  • Dry clothes to change in the end of the trip

Feel free to bring with you more snacks and drinks or any extra kayaking equipment.

At the end of most of the trips there is a beach bar or restaurants available in case you would like to enjoy a cold drink, coffee or snack.

The price per person for a day-trip is 55€, 65€ and 75€ (see the description of every trip). Discounts available for groups of 6 or more people.

We usually meet at 9.30am at the starting point but please confirm the meeting time during your booking.

*The duration of each trip also depends from the size of the group. Even if we add more guides for a bigger group the logistics are more complicated. We kindly ask our customers to be patient especially during the peak season.

(One way trip - South Ithaca)

1. Vathy – Shinos bay - Gidaki beach – Filiatro Beach

The all time classic day trip in Ithaca. During this trip we explore two of the most famous beaches of Ithaca: Gidaki and Filiatro. We visit Lazareto islet in the middle of Vathy harbor, we paddle around Skartsoumponisi island at the exit of the harbor, we pass from the traditional chapel of Saint Andrews and we stop in Shinos bay for swimming and snorkeling. Then we explore the fossilized sedimentary coastline before Gidaki beach and we swim and snorkel in the light blue waters of Gidaki bay.

Finally we arrive at Filitro bay were we can relax before we will head back to Vathy town. If the group has only strong paddlers that they are happy to paddle more we can continue to Sarakiniko beach and paddle along the vertical rocky coastline of cape Skotaria. There are more than 10 beaches in our way to stop for snorkeling swimming or just a break and we try to choose depending on the conditions the most secluded and beautiful ones.

  • Paddling distance:6 nautical miles
  • Difficulty Level: Easy
  • Duration*: 5-6 hours (including tranfers)
  • Price Per Person: 65€
  • Beach bar available at the end of the trip (June to September)
(Round trip - North Ithaca)

2. Afales bay exploration - Platinammos beach

This is a sorter trip for those that they want to paddle less but to visit the most beautiful beach of Ithaca. Platinammos beach is located 30 minutes away from the only launching spot in Afales bay where the road almost reach the sea level. It is a breathtaking location with vertical cliffs and many sandy/tiny pebble beaches.  

At Platinammos beach we can practice sea kayaking techniques as rolling or rescues, do cliff diving, play around the sea – rock garden with the kayaks, snorkel or just relax and have a picnic on the secluded beach.

  • Paddling distance:3.5 nautical miles
  • Difficulty Level: Easy
  • Duration*: 4-5 hours (including tranfers)
  • Price Per Person: 55€
(Round trip - South Ithaca)

3. Sarakiniko beach - Manaras cave - Pera Pigadi - Talaros beach

A relaxing trip at the South East bay of Ithaca island. We start from Sarakiniko and we paddle South to Pera Pigadi area where the Homeric Arethousa Krini fresh water spring is located. On our way to Talaros beach we enter with the kayaks the small blue Manaras cave.

Just before our stop we pass between Ligia island and the coast of Ithaca: The light blue color of the water is stunning there. Talaros beach is one of the most relaxing spots on the island and don’t miss the opportunity to go snorkeling.

Before we start heading back depending on the conditions we can explore the South or the North capes of the bay and paddle next to the amazing vertical rock formations.

  • Paddling distance:6 nautical miles
  • Difficulty Level: Easy
  • Duration*: 5-6 hours (including transfers)
  • Price Per Person: 65€
  • Beach bar available at the end of the trip (June to September)
(Round trip - North Ithaca)

4. Frikes – Marmakas bay – Voukentis beach - Frikes

A really interesting trip for those who want to start from Frikes and explore the North East are of Ithaca. Marmakas bay with Saint Nicholas island is one of the highlights of the trip and Voukentis beach is an amazing place to stop and relax. On our way back to Frikes we can explore Triamoudi bay and Limenia beach (one of the most popular wild camping spots on the island). One of the most unique spots of the trip is the “dragon’s jump”.

  • Paddling distance:6 nautical miles
  • Difficulty Level: Easy
  • Duration*: 5-6 hours (including transfers)
  • Price Per Person: 65€
  • Restaurants/bar available at the end of the trip (May to October)
(one way trip - north Ithaca)

5. Afales Bay - Platinamos Beach - Marmakas bay - Frikes

A great trip to explore the North peninsula of the island: A secluded wild area that you can only access with a boat or with an off road vehicle. Don’t miss the opportunity to paddle in the turquoise crystal clear waters of Afales bay. Maneuver in  the rock gardens of Platinamos beach and stop there to swim and snorkel at the most beautiful beach of the island. Then visit the North cape of Ithaca and the unique Papanikolis cave and relax at Marmakas bay.

The ultimate sea experience for intermediate paddlers. The North Peninsula is more exposed to the open sea waves so there is always a possibility to get some conditions and play with the kayaks. In the end of the trip Frikes village is waiting for you for you for a cold beer or refreshment.

  • Paddling distance: 7 nautical miles
  • Difficulty Level: Intermediate
  • Duration*: 7hours (including transfers)
  • Price Per Person: 75€
  • Restaurants/bar available at the end of the trip (May to October)
(One way trip - North to South Ithaca)

6. Frikes – Vathy

We start paddling in Frikes in the morning and we exit Frikes bay. Then we visit the traditional Kioni village, one of the most elegant villages of the Ionian Sea, where we can stop for a quick coffee. On our way South to Vathy we will explore the coastline of the highest mountain of Ithaca island, Mt. Nirito.

There are many wonderful beaches to discover their secrets by snorkeling. We stop for a break at the crystal light blue waters of Nisaki beach.

Before we cross from the North to the South side of the island we stop at a tiny beach opposite of the entrance of Vathy harbor. At the last part of the trip we pass from Lazareto and Skartzoumponisi islands and then we finish the trip at Odyssey Outdoor Activities shop.

  • Paddling distance: 9 nautical miles
  • Difficulty Level: Advanced
  • Duration*: 6-7 hours (including tranfers)
  • Price Per Person: 70€
  • Restaurants/bar available at the end of the trip (May to October)

Tailor Made Day-Trips

We can also design for you any guided day trip around Ithaca according to your experience as a kayaker, the time you want to spend exploring the island with us and the distance you want to cover. 

We also cooperate with the best sea kayaking company in the neighboring Kefalonia island so we can easily arrange a place for you in their day-trips.



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